Friday, January 23, 2009

Dispatches From Toddlerhood

Today's post comes to you in the words of Ayla. She had a dream. She drew the picture. And then she said:

"It licked me, and it was big, but it had no eyes, and it was very big and it was on my bed and it licked me and it's tongue was soft. It had one eye and no arms. Then I closed my eyes and it was coming straight at me! And i was scared."

The figure on the left is the monster. The little ball with eyes on the right is Ayla.

Did I tell you about the night we ate mussels? And then Ayla came to our bed in the middle of the night speaking of a giant whale, and it opened its mouth and it had shells, mussel shells, many shells, and it was very big, and it licked her? And there was a good whale and a bad whale?

I think this dream was inspired by that one.

Meanwhile, Indy smiled:

And ate cupcakes:


  1. Ayla is deep and thoughtful. I can see her being the artistic type.

    Indy... well, Indy is going to be a knockout. With those eyes. But her feisty temperament will protect her from being taken advantage of.

    They are both pretty girls.


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