Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

If we are forced to go in and wake Indy up from her nap, we find her in a certain mood.

She is grumpy. She is feeling a bit sorry for herself. In her heart of hearts, she is willing to be made cheerful--but she is not willing to let us know that she is willing to be cheerified.

So she pouts prettily and hides a creeping smile. Like so:

Ayla and Indy would like to thank Grandma and Papa for their Valentine's day gift cards, with which they picked out Play-Dough and a flute, and a winged fairy dress, respectively.

Vesuvius and the Brewmaster would like to thank Grandma and Papa for almost an hour of peaceful, uninterrupted play between the Goblins, whilst Mr. and Mrs. Vesuvius were able to battle it out on the Wii, and sip manhattans.

In case Auntie Mercy and Uncle Bandman were wondering, Ayla still thoroughly enjoys the massive feline predators you felt were an appropriate gift.

I know many of you were wondering about the view from underneath Ayla's bed during naptime. Ayla thought we should not hold out on you any further. She took the camera while mommy wasn't looking, and did her thing. Thus, you are enlightened:

I don't know what this is. Ayla maintains it is "the bish" (fish). I suppose they have been appearing to her all along during afternoon dreamtime, and she has simply neglected to mention it.

Still not sure how she managed to take this one of herself. Maybe one of the bish obliged her. Maybe someone else appears during dreamtime, other than the bish:

Ayla enjoys reading to JasminePlutoEvaWallEZeldaKid.

Yesterday she told me "I don't want my teeth to fall. Then I won't eat anything!"

In case you've been wondering how those little "Rainbow Cakes"--pink, green, and yellow with chocolate frosting--that have appeared at King Soopers taste: like marzipan.

There you have it.


  1. You know, just the other day I was wondering if our giant gifts were well liked... I always wanted a giant stuffed animal and never received one. So, I'm happy to hear they are still pleased with them!

    PS. Wii Fit is only $90.00 now. Save for it, you must!

  2. I always wanted one too! They love them. They still sleep on their beds.


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