Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fish Heads

Last weekend, Noah and I watched our daughter Ayla pick up a (cooked) fish head and suck out the eyes.

We did not cringe or flinch. Not outwardly. We smiled. We do not wish to teach her fear.

Before the eye-sucking, Ayla had examined the raw fish. Jiggled the jaw open-close-open-close. Prodded the tongue.

It was stiff.

Felt the scales and poked the squishy eyeballs.

Who knew this could be my daughter?

Indy has announced her fear of tigers.

"Tigers angry."

And Ayla has developed a knack for scary story telling.

Just listen to this gem:

"Once upon a time there was a fairy, and she was walking in a tree, and a squirrel POOPED AND POOPED all over it!"

I am not ashamed to say

I laughed quite hard.

May was a prime month for falling asleep in boxes. Indy knew this right away. Because,

as Ayla and I say:

Indiana. Knows many things.

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