Friday, September 10, 2010

Weak End


We've been trying to settle into a routine here in Longmont, but fate keeps thwarting our attempts.

It's Mr. V's job now to get Ayla Bird ready for school and most days he does a really great job. Only once so far have I gone to pick her up and found her bangs hanging in her eyes. Also once she was wearing shorts size 3T but we won't mention that here.

I get two hours a day to myself now. In related news, I blow through my Starbucks allowance for two weeks in five days. The second week I have to suck it up and drink tea and iced Via at home.


I found two cans of beer and pipe tobacco in the backpack Mr. V takes to work and I asked him if he'd lost his job.

"Honey, got to go to 'work' now."

I thought that was kinda funny.

Every once in a while I think about what I dramatically refer to as 'my old life'. Last year this time I was the one getting Ayla ready for school, pushing her and Indy to Bradley Elementary, pushing the girls on the swings (because we were always early), dropping Ayla at class. Then I'd push Indy to Sunflower Market where we'd buy pumpkin bread and salt water taffy and spiced chai.

Ayla is learning to read and drawing the best pictures in her class.

Seriously, though. They were told to draw 'space' without any direction. Most kids scrawled blobs of green and gray. My kid drew freaking Jupiter. With the striated colors and everything.

Indy is learning to say the boom-chicak-rocka-chicka-rocka-chika-boom song and I don't know what else.

I forgot to tell you how when we went camping and I took her to the outhouses she plugged her nose and said "I think a stinky little person lives here. From stinky town."

I do not make this stuff up.

We are looking forward to Zach and Susie's wedding here. We get to fly to Vegas without the kids and party like Buster Bluth on too many juice boxes.

I texted Zach and told him I couldn't come to his wedding because I had to do something that day that was a little vulgar. Zach said he had to wash his brain out now and if you know Zach, you know that was a triumph.

I am hoping for a few hours of laying by the pool next to Mr. V.

I am also looking forward to: wings, football, sweater weather, autumn walks, autumn leaves, pumpkin bread, caramel macchiatos, Ayla's birthday, my dad's birthday, Halloween, Halloween candy, sausages and sauer kraut, cider, apples in season, more Hatch chilies, and all that other stuff.

Have a happy weekend.

Indy sick and not milking it at all.

The girls helping daddy carry the slain beast.


  1. Where's your "I am Vesuvius?!" That's almost my favorite part of your posts. Almost.

    They were roasting chilis at the last Paris Street. I declared it fall right then & there.


  2. Yeah, I look forward to the "I am Vesuvius...." sign-off, too :-)



  3. I like the sign-off too, but I decided it was plagiarism. As in, I read it on someone else's blog and tried it out myself. Isn't that cheating? Tell me what you think.

  4. I've seen many people use that phrase "I am so and so and blah blah blah"... so I don't think it's plagiarism.

  5. Where else have you seen them? I've only ever seen them the one place.

  6. "Party like I'm Buster Bluth on too much juice..." this is why I love your blog. I am looking forward to hanging out you and your sister soon, and to your wicked Halloween costumes.

  7. Ronald Reagan always used to sign off speeches by saying, "My name is Ronald Reagan and blah blah blah..."

  8. So now not only am I plagiarizing, I'm plagiarizing Republicans. Sweeeeet.

  9. It would only be plagiarism if you signed off with the exact same phrase that the other person did. Simply utilizing a *style* you've seen elsewhere is *not* plagiarism ;-)

    I am your mom, and I am...........TEAM CANKLES.


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