Friday, November 25, 2011

Day After


Thanksgiving was almost ruined by:
-Everyone called my side dish "a dessert" and I pouted
-the talent. The talent was being difficult for a moment there (but who can blame her little turkey-stuffed heart?)

Thanksgiving was saved by:
-my sister's homemade pecan pie (Who knew I liked pecan pie?)
-my brother-in-law's prime rib or whatever. (He kept calling it that)
-my mom's corn casserole (Please don't tell anyone I enjoyed a casserole)
-my dad's Ikea song
-my husband's delicious roasty pumpkin beer
-everyone loving my side dish too much to care if it was a dessert (IT WASN'T)
-my daughters and my niece Eisley running a wild rumpus through. . .
-my sister's gorgeous and catalog-ready home (thrift stores and Ikea are her secrets)
-A Very Gaga Thanksgiving tv special

Happy Day after Thanksgiving. I'm not out shopping, but I kind of wish I was.



  1. It was a splendid celebratory gathering, and SO WONDERFUL to be together with my entire family! And I LOVE Noah's pumpkin beer! And yes, everybody was really impressed with your DESSERT. ;-) I love you,

  2. You looked amazing in your cute dress & leggings & boots! I was super jealous.

    Thanks for bringing your yummy dessert. We are making that again in the future. For serious.

  3. Love it!

    Unrelated, I also love Boulder. I am a Colorado girl at heart, relocated to Austin, which is as Boulder-like as you can get in Texas. ;-)

  4. Sounds like fun. I went shopping you didn't miss anything I promise.

  5. @the m half--we're in Longmont! I've tried to talk the husband into moving to Austin, but he's not having it.


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