Tuesday, August 14, 2012

We Have Always Lived In The Forest

1. No time to talk, but I had to check in to tell you this, a bit of an emergency as you will see. I am fairly sure my neighbors are selling their trash to mole-people. I have not jumped to this conclusion as you may assume. I have evidence: a) on trash day, their curb bears no garbage can but a single white bag waiting out for the collectors. That's all my evidence but clearly no family of four produces only one bag of trash a week without mole people getting involved.

2. On one of our first days here, Indy called me to her window to show me a bit of old bark peeling off a tree. "Look," she said, eyes wet with fear. "A koala did that. They have very sharp teeth. They can kill you." I told her not to be stupid, no koalas live here. The bark was obviously stripped off the tree by the mole people, who boil it for soup. This calmed Indy considerably until she thought to wonder where mole people live. "In cemeteries and in mommy's French drains," I told her. That was the day she took to carrying a rusty scythe, but I'm pretty sure she's just playing "confederate".

3.On Tuesday my husband taught the girls to ride their bikes by first teaching them how to fall. I'd had a glass of wine, this struck me as profound. While he was out there, two Jehovah's Wittnesses arrived to ask us where we go to church. Noah made a curt reply, we believe anyone worried about souls other than their own is being just plain rude. The JW's tried to get all chummy and bond with us against the Southern Baptists, a stupid move. Give me a Southern Baptist any day. My friend I've made who was raised SB is incredibly Christ-like. She brings sweet tea flavored vodka to all social gatherings.

4. Today I drove to Trader Joe's and realized that I really do live in the mountains. I put on my music, enjoyed my latte and almond croissant from the Bracken Mountain Bakery (tastes like Paris), and made the long journey to Greenville. The drive was beautiful and sickening. The road is truly serpentine and my path was arduous. I mean, I'm like Strider up in here. Winding through the forest scavenging food for little people. Folks keep calling Brevard "the mountains", but I grew up in the shadow of Long's Peak and didn't believe them. Then I went over a series of switchbacks, emerged from the green ceiling and the gray-misted trees, and found the highland sun. I realized it could be a sunny day and I might not know it, nestled here in my greenwood. Before I came here, a friend told me these old mountains hold magic and I know now, he was right. Driving through the trees with the sun streaming through and Basia Bulat on the radio, an alchemy occurred. The woods held my heart and for the first time in awhile, I felt my old self.

(5. This is what it looks like when I drive to Trader Joe's, just saying.)


  1. Oh my. :) Sending you all kinds of good wishes in your mountain land full of trials and errors and unforgettable good times!

  2. Thank you for sharing a little mountain life with this Great Plains-inflicted girl. Beautiful.

  3. So happy you are starting to feel yourself again... xoxo That feeling and strength will multiply.
    You should know I have spent the better part of my weekend looking for the right moment to use the word "alchemy."

  4. The stripped bark on the tree may indicate the presence of porcupine people, not mole people, and don't worry I hear they are a docile folk, just don't hurry them.
    I'll have to witness this for myself, but maybe you live in mountains, I guess it's a matter of perspective. Whatever, it sounds like you have a better more beautiful trip to Trader Joe's than I would have here on the plains. Love, Dad

  5. Awesome. Tell Indy that the bark soup mole people make is fabulous. It's like beer. Oh, wait. Indy's not 21 yet. Well, anyway.

  6. I have been trying to think of a comment for several days now. Nothing. This post just pushes on a delicious bruise right down inside me. It hurts, but it's familiar and sort of welcome. That's the closest I can come. Welcome home.


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