Monday, January 27, 2014

New Shirt and Editing Cocoon

I am in an editing cocoon. Which this morning means that I put on red lipstick and cried over a mass wedding at the Grammy's, but I know you don't judge me.

I have been editing this book on and off for years, but this is the final push. So for now, I can't come around these internet parts any more.

I will be back and I hope to see you then.

Here is my new shirt:


  1. You are one of my heroes.
    Happy editing. See you down the dusty trail, sweetie.

  2. Great shirt! Enjoy the editing! You are the real deal.

  3. I'll miss you and can't wait for the results. xoxxox

  4. so how do you KNOW we don't judge you??
    happy editing, love to you and your cocoon!!


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