Sunday, March 2, 2014

Spring Fever

Ayla, about 3 years old

Hello world.

I've had the flu. Or something. I have had some illness that's dulled my brain. Since Wednesday, I've been good for nothing but lying on the couch and sleeping feverish sleep. I had this entire week off work and set the goal to finish my book by Friday. By Wednesday I was too sick to focus, but I mostly finished it anyway, before stupor set in. I cried a little, and felt a little thrill, and then I got in the shower and took a long nap. I was hot and chilled. When I woke up the shadows were long across the ceiling, orange like summer. Noah was supposed to be gone over the weekend, but he cancelled his business trip when we realized how ill I was. The sunlight was slanted when the door opened and he came home with the little girls. They brought me sunflowers and grapefruit fizzy water. My brain was quiet, peaceful, clear. They moved through the house around me, stopping to pat my head with petaled fingers. Noah made the girls dinner, brushed their teeth, put them to bed. The house went quiet again. In the morning the sun broke orange and we were that much closer to spring.


  1. Sometimes illness can be the body and mind's way of saying, "Enough. We have to rest."
    I can't wait to read your book. Your writing is always a breath of fresh, good, clean spring air.

  2. You finished!!!! Oh, I cannot wait to read it. It seems appropriate somehow that you took to your bed upon finishing, and that you cried. hope you are better now. lovelovelove

  3. Virginia Woolf always had breakdowns when she finished her novels. The good and ever steadfast Leonard took care of her. Please remove any stones from your pockets.

    In all seriousness, I sure hope that you're feeling better. And a novel? From you? My god, I can NOT wait.


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