Thursday, October 30, 2008

Obama Mama

It's no secret: I have voted for Obama. I think he is the best choice. Actually, I think he's more than that--I really love him. But if you are voting McCain, I know you're doing so because you think he's the better choice. So I can respect that, even though I (really) disagree. Anyway, my point is: I found these two great videos on Jezebel this morning.

This is the long version of Obama on the Daily Show with John Stewart. If you want to see just the shorter, funny part, Jezebel has edited it down, and you can view it here:

I was working last night so I missed Obama's 30 minute spot. Here it is, in case you did too:


In other news, I am leaving for New York tomorrow with my dad! I am scared of flying but excited for everything else. We have made some loose plans: On Saturday we are going to the Met and then walking down through Central Park and headed down toward Time Square, where the Theater District is. That night we see Harry Potter in Equus! I bet dad is thrilled to see the hero of the books he can't stand. I think Sunday we are thinking to do the Village and Chinatown. Monday we're hitting up the MOMA before heading a couple blocks over to Bobby Flay's Bar Americain for a late lunch. Somewhere in there we need to fit in the Guggenheim and take a stroll past the Academy of Dramatic Arts, where dad went to school.

I can't wait! I will miss you all. We're flying back on Election Day--hopefully we'll be celebrating!

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  1. What's in New York? I love that city! So much energy! The only thing I don't like are the car drivers!


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