Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Christmas Toast

Do you know what that is?

It depends. If you are an incredibly independent-minded four year old, that is a beautiful Christmas ornament.

If you are her bemused mommy, it is breakfast.

This morning Ayla and Indy had cinnamon toast for breakfast. (We won't discuss what mommy had with her coffee, since it was composed almost entirely of butter and powdered sugar).

At nap time, that is where I found breakfast. I had a good chuckle.

Ayla's other unique Christmas ornaments include books:

And princess necklaces, for a perfect tree topper.

Here are some other things to toast this December. Indy and Ayla are beside themselves with excitement, and need some things to toast.

Toast wandering around in your nutcracker pajamas with your hair just a bit mussed:

Toast licking the frost left on the inside of the windows after the overnight temperature hits thirteen degrees below zero:

And maybe toast the intricate patterns in the frost:


  1. I wish I could write posts like you do.

    I toast to your post. It made me chuckle. Like Santa. And thanks to miss Eisley and her 9 month residency in my belly, I have a belly like a bowl of jelly, too.

    Yes, I toast to your post.

  2. I *also* toast to your post---your cleverly amusing and endearing post :-)

    P.S.-Have you dislodged Ayla from the window yet?


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