Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Kid

So we got this kitty for Ayla, because it snuggled with her nicely, unlike Goldie.

Goldie would be "Doughy", in Ayla-Indy-Speak.

We couldn't agree on a name for the kitty. At first Ayla wanted to call it Jasmine. That was fine. Then Pluto, she decided. We liked Pluto too. But somehow, it never really caught on.

Next thing you know, Ayla wanted to call it Wall-E-Eva. All run together. Walleeva. But we never actually called it anything except 'the kitty'. Sometimes, jokingly, we'd call it Jasmine Pluto Wall-E Eva. But of course that is not so very practical.

So, I decided, the kitty's name would be Kid. You know, like The Kid. Billy The Kid? It has a western feel that I liked. And the girls called it Kit, short for Kitty, with a soft t already.

Ayla just came running out of her room. She is supposed to be napping.

"Ayla," says I. "Go back to bed."

"Just a minute," says Ayla, scooping up the kitty. "I have to get my kids."

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