Friday, October 29, 2010

Also I Enjoy The Kit-Kats

Indy Halloween

Ayla Halloween

Vesuvius is looking forward to Sunday night, about 10 pm, when I can pry the goblin's Halloween buckets from their exhausted sticky clutches and steal all the Twix. And the Snickers.

And the Milky Ways.

We will be going to the Dia De Los Muertos festivities at the Longmont Museum and Cultural center. Then my children's training up as pagans will finally be complete.

(Indy: Mom, god wears make up and makes me feel cozy. Mom: No honey, that's your Aunt Sophie)

Indy also thinks God needs to get some more Halloween decorations.

(Please resist your temptation to comment on how the leaves are God's decorations and all that jazz. We are not writing for the Christian Jack Handy here.)

Lastly, today I got to blog for MOPS International. I remember my mom taking me to MOPS meetings. Those were the ones where they fed us those cheap fake Oreos and grape kool-aid. Or maybe the ones in that smoky restaurant with the basement, where our parents gave us money for Pac-Man and then we could never find them again for three hours.

Wait, what?

Check it out here.

Have a Happy Halloween and remember: If your kid doesn't like Crunch bars or Junior Mints, I do.

I am Vesuvius and my favorite Halloween candy is wine.


  1. When I was a little girl, I would cozy up to my sister once a year and "trade" with her. That meant I got everything good and chocolate and she got the crap lollipops, butterscotches, and sweet-tarts. It was the best day ever. I look forward to stealing my children's candy as well.

  2. I love Dia De Los Muertos themes!

    Congrats again on the professional blogging gig, I enjoyed your post.


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