Monday, June 6, 2011

Look At This Hipster


Would it interest you to know that my kids were fighting over a laundry basket--a laundry basket--but now it has turned into a good-natured wrestling match?

Clothing remains on. For the moment.

Or perhaps you'd rather hear that yesterday, at the park, a dad rolled in on a hipster bicycle with some kind of--sack, or--pouch--attached to the back, his kids nestled into it like joeys. He appeared whilst deep in conversation with a tot about Laura Ingalls and Baby Mary, then proceeded to spend twenty minutes setting up a tightrope. Between two trees. That he then walked, like a circus man.

The girls stared. I tried not to.

Don't feel inadequate for not transporting your kids in a parachute and walking them on a tightrope. The kids messed with the hooks and carabiners. They tried his patience.

We are at momology today.

Love you.


Ps: Hello, blogher readers! Did you come here through a link from Matt Logelin's blog? Or Radioactive girl? Inevitably, it works like this. We write a so-so post, and it turns out to be the one blogher features on their "more from blogher" links. Then we get tons of traffic for a post about our chin acne or shark week. Or hipsters. So if you came over from Matt and Maddie, or Radioactive Girl--I love you. Please feel free to browse some of our other posts. I'm begging you here. Have I told you I love you??


PPS: We might humbly suggest these two.

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You know. If we were into that kind of thing.

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  1. Did that parachute/tightrope man thing *really happen*???


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