Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Around These Parts


This was outside my window an hour ago. I love the prairie. Here is one of the worst pictures anyone ever took of it.


This is across the street from where the girls take karate. If I can't see lots of sky, I start to panic. My people were pioneers, homesteaders and rough riders, and maybe this stuff runs in the blood.

The girls staged a rebellion against karate today and I let them quit. Ayla quit without bothering to see if she's earned her yellow-belt. (She had. She didn't care). Indy hung in long enough to earn the yellow belt and quit immediately afterwards. It was fun for a week, showing off karate-chops at the park, and then I suspect they tired of all the posturing.

We have dreamy personalities around these parts. Ayla told me she wants to do theater instead. "Like practice to do a show," she said. "Like onstage. Like Michael Jackson."


I can't say I was surprised. Then I nearly fainted over dead when I saw the price of any kind of theater camp for kids.

For her birthday, she wants a cake that is a brain. With zombies dancing around it.

She is awesome.

After my flunkies failed out of the karate summer camp that's designed to have a 0% fail rate, we went to Dairy Queen. What else are you gonna do?

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Are they not the luckiest children on earth? Here they are at 31 flavors the day before.


We fail at some things, here. Cleanliness, godliness, dojo-ness.

We do not fail at ice cream.



  1. I failed at Dojo-ness and I turned out
    **Finding my voice at a new place come visit if ya feel like it ;)
    It was so nice seeing you this week, I sure miss your face!

  2. What a gorgeous picture of the sky. And your girls, so lovely. I got kicked out of brownies for stealing the "Weekly dues" when I was 9 years old. It was overrated anyways.


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