Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Have Bees Will Travel

The three girl cousins roamed the yard like fireflies in the dying light. We said goodbye. I cried myself to sleep at four in the morning and woke up seven hours later with my cheeks newly wet. We discovered Indy, who wants to change her name to Tinkerbell, had left her teddy bear at my parent's house. The teddy bear was a special gift for the road trip so we drove back to Denver to get it. The rain had passed. I stopped crying for a little while and the sky looked like this. No two things make beauty like prairie and storm. After hours of crying so vigorously that my eyes swelled like I'd been hit with a fist, I got a terrible case of the giggles. We watched TV in the dusk and after all those tearful goodbyes, the manufactured drama was hilarious. The polygamists on the television kissed their stepsons and had emotional breakdowns on live TV and plotted to kill their brothers and I laughed through it all. The wisdom of my body, seeking balance. 

Tomorrow night we'll sleep in St. Louis.
The bees will be in the back seat, screened and
draped in tulle like thirteen thousand little brides.


  1. I still remember the taxi ride to the airport when I left NYC for Los Angeles. I had Sophie in my arms and looked at the rear-view window at the skyline and the buildings disappearing. I cried and cried, I loved it so much, and now here I am.

    Bon Voyage and safe travels to you, the Man, the girls and the bees.

  2. I'm going to miss you! So damn much.

    Have a safe travel. I love the idea of your bee brides. Let me know how they do!

    ...seriously. so damn much.

  3. I have been up nights wondering how you'd transport your bees. I hope they like Call Me Maybe.

    I remember when I left Denver to move to the desert almost 6 years ago. It was painful in many of the same ways. I can tell you, though, that I am so happy. I miss Denver, sure, but it doesn't ache anymore. You, Mr. V, and the girls (plus your bee brides) will adjust and do just fine. Plus I'll come visit and make ridiculous comments about Denver and we'll laugh. Or something.

    Oh, Margene and Ben ... sigh. Thank goodness that didn't end up going somewhere inappropriate. (I have season 5 on DVD if you need to borrow it!)

  4. I am taking that last image with me like beautiful buzzing tote.

    Good luck to you and many blessings!


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