Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February 27, 2013

I was brutally ill Monday night with a stomach bug that I'd already nursed my two daughters through. Being so very sick made me think about the job I did taking care of them, and made me wish I had shown perhaps more compassion than I did, when, say, Indy asked for a bath at 4 am after we'd both been up since midnight and I told her to wait til dawn, or when Ayla was sick in the car on a four hour drive I made alone and afterwards I made her step out into the cold so I could rinse her hair with bottled water. I don't know. I could have done better. But last night when they got home from school and found me sick in bed, they brought me cups of cranberry juice and ginger ale and petted my forehead and I thought well, they must have learned this somewhere. Maybe from me.

I do hope.

I'm not one-hundred percent myself today, but I wanted something fresh up on the blog so I decided to post these pictures from our trip to Colorado that I've been meaning to share.

Indy and Ayla with their cousins, Eisley and Violet. One more baby cousin due in July.

My  girls treated to a shopping spree by Grammy and Auntie Lulu.

A family picture, Tuttle style. Noah and his five siblings, and my sister-in-law Susie there with the finger in her nose.  Then her husband Zach (Noah's older brother), Brett (boyfriend of Sophie), Sophie, Indy, Ayla, Lucy  (the youngest), Carlton, me, Noah, Mercy.

 Noah's second sister Sophie, who reminds us all so much of Jennifer Lawrence, both in looks and personality.

Whoopie pies during coffee break.

Susie, Noah's first sister Mercy, yours truly, Indy. God I love my sisters by marriage.

Mercy and I on coffee break, getting photobomed by Indy.

Indy and Noah's youngest brother, Carlton.

Had to throw in this one of Susie so you can get a glimpse of how beautiful she actually is.

Me and my sister, Heather, who will have her third in July.

My girls in this beautiful sister moment.

Now I'm going to go make dental appointments and round up Girl Scout cookie money, pick up the girls from school, feed them something, and nurse my still weak tummy on Mother's Little Savior--Grapefruit Perrier.


  1. what gorgeous and connected family photos! so glad your girls have that. i especially adore that beautiful sister moment in the car. Feel better, Mama Vesu. And how sweet your girls were when you were laid up. yes, they learned that somewhere.

  2. I've had a very similar feeling when my kids have gotten sick first, and then I come down with the same thing next. Why was I not nicer to my kids?!

    Eh...teaches them self perseverance or something like that.

    Love the pictures. :)

  3. I'm sorry to hear you were sick, and I, too, have that exact recognition when I get sick after my kids. They are so annoying sometimes when sick, so dramatic (okay, one of them is), and it's so tiresome to take care of each of them, week after week when they fall like dominoes. Then I feel terrible and even more terrible because I know just how badly they felt.

    Be better! You sure do have a gorgeous family and extended family!

  4. Loved all the pictures! Thanks for posting, in spite of your illness! Oh, and this blog makes me think I should perhaps go check on my 8th grader who said he was too sick to go to school and went back to bed and I thought he was faking but maybe he's not and he really does need some motherly attention. So, thanks for that too!

  5. I am so sorry that you and yours have been sick. Nasty, nasty germs about.

    Let us discuss your pictures, shall we? Your family looks like so much fun. It's that "highlight reel" mentality, but you know I get a little green looking at them. Your girls... what can I say? Such beauty and intelligence and spontaneity and expression.

    Hope you are all feeling better soon.

  6. My favorite part of the trip is when Ayla wished Indy "all the bad luck in the world" and Indy burst into tears yelling "noooooo!!!!". Or maybe it's when Noah denied his precious Ayla wrote that Zach was a penis. Which, really, she was just saying how we all feel about him.

    1. I only wish that you had commented first so everyone could see how un-rosy we really are.

    2. nope. it would only have proved the point!

  7. Ha @Mercy! Your family look like oodles of fun.


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