Monday, May 13, 2013

In Which My Husband Is Sweet Unto Me

(with clarification*)

A legend of us is that on one of our first dates, Noah and I were playing cards with some friends at a hipster coffee house in Lodo and at one point Noah looked at me and said "I like my coffee like I like my women: bitter and strong".  Now, folks were so afraid of me in those days that chairs pushed back from the table and the music screeched off and somebody may have broken a bottle over a bar for an impromptu shank, I don't know.

I am happy to have been upgraded to "sexy and strong".

This is some marketing material for Asheville Beer Week and Oskar Blues Tap Takeover at Walk with New Belgium. Anything look familiar?

Vesuvius Golden Ale has been aging in that chardonnay barrel for over a year. Without my knowledge. It's a specialty offering, so it won't be canned, just on tap in Asheville.When I texted Noah that I was surprised they let him name it that, he texted back "Bitch please. I do what I want."

I am pretty excited about this.

Now I have to go clean my house because my book club is coming over tonight to discuss my very own book. The one by me that I'm going to self-publish (but haven't yet)*. It's a big day here. Here's a hint about this book of mine: someone compared it to Tarantino (sorry, Elizabeth) and for themed snacks, I'm serving angel food cake. Angel food cake and Tarantino, what? Could there be a more perfect marriage?

Happy Monday.


  1. Wait. I'm freaking out. You have a book? Where is it?

    And you've had a beer named after you? Good god, girl. Sexy and strong? I've always thought you were terribly sexy, but I have no idea about the strength other than that you challenged me quite recently to some sort of showdown?

    I find it hilarious, too, that your AdSense ad is for a distress line to "Win Your Personal Battles" -- a service of the Marine Corps.

  2. That is funny but damnit, for me it is showing a kegerator.(Very funny google).

    I clarified the book thing. It's finished (mostly) but not published. I'm going to self-publish it, I think.

    I had a great laugh at your comment. But I told you, I'm too tired to Showdown.

  3. This is all so exciting! What a sweet, sweet husband. And your own book? Really? Girl. You're amazing.

  4. I want to read it. And if I could make it to Asheville, I'd have at least a sample of that Vesuvius Golden Ale.

  5. Congrats on having your own ale, and good for you on your plans to self publish your book! I think with the flux of book publishing these days it's definitely the way to go! distribution wont be an issue as there are amazon and e-readers these days, so it will be accessible to everyone. I will definitely buy a copy! also, I enjoy your relationship with your husband.

  6. So freakin excited for you!! On all counts. Book and book club, ironic refreshments, and your hubby naming a special brew after you, sexy and strong indeed. So cool. Way cool.

  7. I'm really excited for you! Please fill us in on the book club. (I'm sure everyone will be singing your praises!)

  8. Your own beer? Your own book? Book club?! I'm leaving now, throwing caution and reason to the wind, hopping in the car, heading down to NC to show up for your angel food cake and book club meeting!!! I will most likely get lost and will definitely not find you, so this is obviously a fool's errand. OK, now I'm coming back in the house, picking up the reason and caution that I so carelessly tossed aside (reason was behind the couch, caution got stuck in a jade plant), putting my pj's on and calming the heck down. But seriously?! Your own beer? Your own book?! All kinds of awesome!

  9. All kinds of Awesome is right! Noah should market your beer, "Vesuvius: Sexy and Strong from North Carolina, born in Colorado ! "
    Excited to hear what the book club thinks of Angel Food.

  10. I hadn't checked your blog in a while and was super excited to see your very own sexy-and-strong beer. AND to hear about the book. :)


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