Wednesday, June 18, 2014


(A list)

The cat has fleas.
The dog has fleas.
The house has fleas.
The medicine didn't work.
The fogger may not have worked.
The vacuum broke.
The daughter's finger broke.
The agent said no.
The other agent said, "very nearly yes . . . but no."
The daughter was crying at ten o'clock at night
about eternity and and camping and not wanting to grow up.
The husband is jet lagged
The wife is severely anemic
(but if she takes her iron, nothing comes out)
The wife can't tolerate any dairy
without having to call out sick to work
so lattes are out.
The money is out.
The flea medicine that was bought online to save money (because the money is out) and upgraded to overnight shipping has not arrived.
The cat thinks I've tried to kill it twice this week.
People on the internet don't agree with my opinions on Game of Thrones.
The other daughter says "YOU LIED" and runs away crying
because "three weeks" is not quite the same as "one month".
the refrigerator is working.
The vodka is cold.
"Is everything okay?"
Too soon to tell.
The verdict is out.


  1. Yup
    try floradix it's a plant based iron supplement you can get at the health food store

    i dont have fleas...well you know what i mean...but i have several probably ruined by dog pee persian carpets

    i keep reminding myself it could be worse

    1. Thanks Michelle, I'll take a look! Gaia's iron supplement was the worst thing for my bowels ever. And yes, you're right. It could be so much worse.

  2. Some days it all just comes down like a shit storm. Days, three weeks, a month.
    Yeah, whatever.
    May everyone get their proper meds. That includes vodka.

    1. Yep lady some days it sure does! And you are right. We must "whatever". We must.

  3. Isn't it amazing how all that can be true at once and you're still standing? I heart you.

    1. This gave me a grain of hope to focus on. I AM STILL STANDING. Yep.

  4. Mama said there'd be days like this!

  5. This: "The daughter was crying at ten o'clock at night
    about eternity and and camping and not wanting to grow up." As you know, my son is much like your daughter, and I've had to endure this sort of existential angst as well. It's with great authority, though, that I tell you (and I got this from a VERY IMPORTANT AND INFLUENTIAL THERAPIST HERE IN LOS ANGELES) that it's perfectly all right, you will NOT fuck the child up, if you say very clearly that "now is not the time to talk about death and the end of the world. It's 10:00 at night and you need to go to bed. Think of sheep, think of flowers, think of whatever you'd like, but I will NOT discuss anything more with you."

    I hope this helps, love.

    1. Was the therapist Gabriel Byrne?! I am laughing at saying calmly, "now is not the time to talk about death and the end of the world". I'm going to fit that into a book, for sure. Yes, it helps! It does!

  6. Try diatomaceaus earth on the pets and carpets. It will not only get rid of fleas, but other pests I'm willing to bet you didn't have in Colorado. It kills pests by scratching their exoskeleton and causing them to dry out. You and your pets can eat it and not be harmed. Actually that might help with the iron problem. You can get it at hardware stores. I usually buy it at Lowes in the garden section. It's cheap. I usually pay around $15 for a 10 lb sack of it. When I had kids and pets that would last a whole year. This year I have only gone through about 2 cups of it. When I had kids and pets I was a big fan of a cup of sleepy time tea, let me tuck you back in to bed. It didn't fix the world, only my little bit of it.


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