Monday, March 22, 2010

The Question

Indy told me she didn't like me anymore. Ayla didn't like me anymore because I wouldn't let her have a brownie before dinner. I can't remember what I did to lose Indy's affection.

I'm sure it was horrible.

What I look like to Indy:


What Indy looks like to me:


After Indy didn't like me anymore, and wasn't going to play with me or be my friend--all things that she had heard Ayla say, as Ayla ranted and stomped upstairs--she came into the bathroom to pee. I could see her from the bed.

Mom, she said. You still love me?

So casually she spoke. Mom, what's this called? Mom, what's for dinner? Mom, you still love me?

Yep Indy. I sure do. Yes, Indy. I quoted my mother. Nothing you will ever do will make me stop loving you.

Ok, said Indy. Bye mom.

Bye, Indy.

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  1. I haven't checked blogs in a month and I am so pleased with the past 5 of yours and also all of Heather's as well.

    I love your new hair. If I could paint and I painted you THAT is the color of red I would paint your hair. Lovely and firey.

    I see Ophie so much in that pic of Indie.


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