Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Looking Up


This is a post that is not about me.

This post is about you.

You are an amazing group of people out there. Those of you I know, and those of you I don't. (I thought about calling you magnificent but I didn't want to overdo it.) (Or embarrass those of you who are easily embarrassed).

I wanted to remind you, in case you had forgotten--

--for a while, or maybe just for the moment--

how full of possibility you are.

You all out there. Look at you.

You are writing books. You are nurturing passion. You are nurturing children. You are inspiring creativity.

You are growing babies. You are growing businesses. You are on spiritual journeys. You are appreciating beauty. You are making beauty.

You are beauty.

You are encouraging your friends. You are blessing others. You are learning new crafts, new recipes, new languages, new ways of thinking. You make new discoveries. You plant things, and they grow.

You are loving, and you are learning to love yourselves.

You are dreaming of a better world. You are taking steps to make it so.

You are wandering. You are traveling. You go head first into a dark unknown with a courage that is nothing short of miraculous.

You are pursuing knowledge. You are pursuing pleasure. You are pursuing the divine. You are finding hope.

Little stars, fragrant buds, life you create, beauty you craft with your hands. Hold in your hearts.

You are making possibility as you go along.

You are making music. You are making art. You are bohemians, artists, scientists, brewers, dreamers, crafters, bloggers, mothers, fathers, daughters, businesspeople, holy people, idealists, realists, pessimists.

I know there is darkness out there. I'm not naive. Though I will cop to being an idealist.

But the dark is only half the story.

There is light on the horizon.

Talk to me about the depravity of man, and I will tell you other stories.

I believe in goodness.

You all are my best proof.

Other proof (for you doubters):

Apne Aap


Women for Women International

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