Monday, January 24, 2011

Keep Me Company

Monday went by with

three loads of laundry

Indy making up a song about 'and the mermaid

and no silliness

eats the doggies, little doggies

and meeeee!'

Husband's breakfast burritos

Indy embarrassing me in front of the teacher at the fancy school I'm trying

to get my kids into

idealistic talk that makes me hopeful

time to write

let's see. . .

a youtube video for my inner 15-year-old fangirl

(don't you ever stop singing, boy. Don't you stop)

and a trip to the "Blairy Queen"

because sometimes it feels good

to indulge a whim

and eat ice cream when it's

cold and windy

just because.

I am Vesuvius and I say not bad for a Monday.

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