Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We Were On Something


Our camera committed suicide like it does every year around Christmas.

RIP cheap canon deal that never took pictures as well as I hoped you would. Did you leap from Noah's fingers into that fountain just to spite me? Never mind. I don't want to know.

Listen: I liked Tori Amos in high school but then I went to a concert of hers in 2007 and had a divine encounter and now there are days when Tori is everything and all that I need, and there are wounds which nothing but Tori's religious irreverence and insight and her combination of spiritual harlotry and wisdom can sooth. That being said, there are only so many times one can rock out to that driving drum stampede that leads up to 'so sure we were on something' from the live version of Space Dog in one morning of shelving books and saving lives. And 'This American Life' is only out once a week.

So I invested in some new musics. Which I now list before you for your perusal or disdain.

Lissie. She is awesome and I loves her. Danger will follow me now everywhere I go is my new motto.

(Have I mentioned I am a desperate working housewife with a flair for drama ?)

Mumford and Sons. Also these ones I love. I was worried I got tricked into buying a Christian cd in disguise until I heard that one track in which every other word is the Frak word. Turns out they are just referencing Shakespeare.

Florence and the Machine: Not feeling it so far but I'm giving her another chance.

Old Crow Medicine Show: the only disappointment. Turns out there is only one song like "Wagon Wheel". No need to own the other 11.

Now if my friends Kiah and Donovan will just come out with albums, or an album, I will be pleased as a pig on rollerskates.

Do you think I could get them to stand in my living room and sing while I wash dishes? No? I could feed them string cheese and beer. . .?


Today my children watched tv from 4:30 to 6:00 straight and then I moved them into their room where they are watching tv again. I don't know why but I'm addicted to saying things like this here on my blog. It must be awful for you, and I'm sorry. It's probably like showing up to a soiree to meet someone you really admire and it turns out all Maya Angelou can talk about is how dapper your husband looks in his dockers. Not that I mean you admire me but the point is it must make you really uncomfortable. This is not what you came for, I know.

I guess I say it because I want you to know that if you have ever checked out for an entire afternoon and let your kids go glassy before the flickering cosmic demi-god, you are not alone.

I am here with you.

Look, this is going downhill fast.

I am Vesuvius and I just explained to Danger basic bathroom etiquette.


Lissie - Cuckoo (Official Video) found on Pop


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  1. I love Florence and the Machines, and my sister is slowly getting me to like Mumford and Sons. And you know how I feel about Tori Amos. I listen to The Beekeeper one every time I feel a little blue.


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