Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Vesuvius Gets Toasted


Oh boy. Now are you expecting salacious revelations and catty remarks?

Listen, if we're going to talk about getting toasted, the truth is this: I wish I could but I can't anymore because it makes me feel so awful that I'm sure I've committed blasphemy and all seven of the deadly sins in the throes of it.

(Also that unfortunate crank call to the children's librarian.)(Who didn't think me inviting her to a private audience in MY night kitchen was very funny).

I wish I had gotten toasted more when I was young and capable of bouncing back. Seriously, the time for getting toasted is college, no matter what they teach you in your freshman Women's Christian Health class about saving Getting Toasted for marriage. (It is possible I dozed off that day). I regret not living it up more while I still could. Now I have a quarter glass of wine and pass out snoring on the couch. With a grumbly tummy in the morning.

Sorry, German ancestors. Though my ghostly stoic Swedes approve.

(Is this making any sense? I swear to god I am not toasted.)

Before it's too late, before you leave me--PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME--here's the announcement: I am a muse.

A roasty, curvacious, full-of-spitfire-and-vim muse to the gods of revelry and beer. That's right: I am pleased to announce that on February 22nd, Oskar Blues is tapping Vesuvius Imperial Ale.

Here are the stats on this hot little number: Weighing in at 10% alcoholbyvolume (boy howdy but she packs a punch!) and served in a sweet little 10 ounce glassy, Vesuvius Imperial Ale is an Imperial Brown brewed with toasted marshmallows.

I like to believe she is the perfect balance of sweet and bitter*. Dash of spice. Also, the marshmallows were my idea.

Care to join us?


We are Vesuvius and We are more than a little pleased that the first beer named after Us is an Imperial.

*Inside joke to Mr.V. Next time we go to Paris, make it the real one and make it snappy. Kisses!

Post-Edit: Just so we're clear. Vesuvius Imperial Brown is a Pilot beer (finally I get a Pilot!) brewed by the small batch at Oskar Blues Brewery by mine own husband, Mr.V, who brews there professionally. It is exclusive to the tap room, which usually runs out of it on tapping night, and not for distribution. See you there!


  1. Ummm..YES! You have a beer named after you, MADE after you? I'm pretty sure that this is the coolest thing that has ever happened to anyone EVER.

  2. Okay - this is pure awesomeness in the most awesomeest form ever!!!! I need to try this. I must try this!!!

  3. Wow, how awesome! I regret to inform that I have no palate for beer, so sampling you would be completely wasted (pun intended?) on me. Which leaves more for you to enjoy, I suppose! :) But I may have to come to the party just for the fun! Which location - Longmont or Lyons?


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