Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bad Croissants and Melatonin

Indy crawled into bed with me before my alarm went off at 6:15.

She's been having bad dreams about strangers. I feel really bad about that. When I was little I used to have nightmares about strangers--strangers in my closet, strangers crawling in my window, and every time I'd jump up to tell my mom and dad, the stranger under my bed would grab my ankles.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who's had that dream.

Anyway, I feel guilty that little Indy is having stress about strangers but I don't know what can be done about it. You have to talk to them about these things, right?

So this is the sad, sad truth: Some days I just need to feel a little bit French. Avec je nai sais quoi, if you get my drift. On these days I wear black and I buy Perrier and tulips and I drive to Wal-mart. (Here's the sad part). Wal-mart has the best croissants I've found so far in Longmont, and they also have affordable brie and chevre., I don't know if you can comprehend the profound tragedy of this moment in my life: I hear Paris call, I get in my mini-van, I drive to Wal-mart.

Leaving Wal-mart, I was so tired I almost took a melatonin at 8:45 in the morning. I'm not sleeping well. Most nights I'm lying in bed a step away from wide awake when Noah comes home at 1 am. So into my blue Wal-mart basket went croissants, brie, Perrier, sleep meds. What is more French than sleep meds? Possibly absinthe, but they don't sell that at the W. In my haze, I reached down and started unscrewing the bottle of melatonin I had bought to help with my sleep problems. Because I was sleepy. And melatonin would help, right?

Good god woman. Pour yourself a cup of cafe creme, already.

Dear Paris: I love you.

Please send for me soon.

Combien de temps dois-je attendre?

I am Vesuvius and ou est la boulangerie?

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