Monday, April 4, 2011

What Ayla Doesn't Know

Indy looked in the mirror and said, "Mom, I'm getting lots of freckles on my nose because I eat so much toilet paper every day."

. . . So, that was news.

Ayla got really mad at me and ranted off a string of things I won't repeat but it did include screaming, "You have so much junk in your trunk!"

I would like to point out that Ayla doesn't know the expression is a euphemism for fat.

(Isn't it? I don't actually know.)

She wrote in chalk on the sidewalk that she was sorry. "I love you mom will you forgiv me?" she scrawled, and left an empty line.

I wrote "for a ticket to Paris, yes".

Then Ayla did this and I was sure: I've got the best kids ever.


She spelled 'love' correctly, but I am having width issues here and they are proving insurmountable.

Just like Ayla.

I am Vesuvius and I'm going to go hide the toilet paper.

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  1. So I think my kids know way too many sayings and what they mean. So at least you know she wasn't call your rear chunky :)


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