Friday, March 25, 2011

We We We Got Nothin'!


It's Friday.

We wanted to make a vlog this week.

We wanted it to be a gentle parody of the Rebecca Black song. (Not a parody of Rebecca herself, because she is just 13 and we not into that whole mocking children thing, unless they are our own children and they just pronounced it 'apodgement').

So we went into the bathroom and turned on the video camera and it turns out that on camera?

We not funny.




really not funny.

We awkward.

Excited came first.

Then was awkward and

dismay came afterwards.

So it turns out we are NOT the next Tina Fey, which came as kind of a shock as everyone kept telling us we were--like our mom, and that woman that stalks us on twitter who we think might actually be our mom.

Our endorphins are kind of low. Spring break is next week and you know what we have planned?

Dental visits and


Not work for us, but for the husband. As that woman who stalks us on twitter is fond of pointing out, WE don't have a job anymore, do we? It is comments like these, and the ones asking if we would tweet about our menstrual cycle at our boyfriend's house, that make us pretty sure the stalker is our mom.

We don't think spring break can be saved, but we're going to give it a shot and take a blogging break next week.

When we are feeling sorry for ourselves, we like to write haikus. Here is our haiku for lame spring break.

Cold wind. Dental pick.
Husband away and children
Don't know they 'aren't work'.

And one more:

Lame spring break means stress
eating and I taking our
hate sex? New level.

We are Vesuvius and this blog was written by Cylons who are also writing our book and raising our children.

I am Vesuvius and I am just joking about my mom, who has been really supportive about the whole 'no worky' thing, and who actually would want to know if I'd tweet like that at my boyfriend's house, if she could figure out twitter. Love you mom! Sorry I said 'hate sex' on my blog!


  1. Your problem with the whole vlog thing is that you were obvs with Justin Bieber, he put on a little face paint so you would not realize it isn't Indy (see photo again). OR maybe it is a Bieber/Indy/Cylon.

  2. Hahahahaha! This explains so much. I thought Indy had just developed a sudden passion for chest-popping and gyrating.

  3. So, I had like a mini-panic attack today because I wondered if my comment was really offensive and that it might not have been as funny as I thought it would be, so let me just say that I do NOT believe your child is a member of Al Qaida, and that she is lovely and that it was written with a smile but now I'm worried it was just dumb and offensive. So that's all for today.

  4. It's ok Colleen! To tell you the truth we've just been busy getting her out of the country now that you've blown her cover. I guess I should have disguised her better if I didn't want people to find out?

    I thought it was funny :) I meant to reply and then weekend craziness happened. And lasted until today.



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