Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's All Over Now, Baby Blues

Post-partum depression ravishes a mother's soul. I know, I struggled with it twice.

In the past I blogged about hallucinating my daughter was the Soprano's Uncle Junior (yes really), and today I am talking about my rough tussle with the baby blues again over at momology.

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  1. I visited your link and read it and forgot to leave a comment there, but I wanted to let you know that I cried big, fat tears of recognition. Thank you for such a raw and honest post. They never tell you that stuff when you're picking out little pink clothes and stuff.

  2. I have no concept of being a mother, but as you know, I know the depression monster a bit too well. As TangledLou said, your post "over there" is raw, honest, and beautiful. I wish you lots of lazy Saturday mornings with girls, Mr. V, and pajamas with tickle monsters to keep you on your toes. I wish you more smiles and laughter than pain and tears.

    And I think your writing is amazing and "worth" paying for.

  3. I will pop over there and read it. I know for a fact trying to fight it with Shea and then Dean on top of my marriage failing just about killed


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