Saturday, March 17, 2012

Luck O' The Me

Here is a post I wrote one year for St. Patrick's day.

My favorite thing I've ever said about today is that I don't have any corned beef or cabbage, but I do have red hair and religious guilt.

This year, however, I resigned myself to the dread corned beef and cabbage once again.

I meant to make Guinness cupcakes. Perhaps there is still time.

Happy Irish day.



  1. Happy Irish Day! I have no Irish blood, but I bought a four-pack of cans of Stout and I'm going to make some kind of bread with them along with corned beef and cabbage.

  2. Oh to have these wonderful freckles!
    Happy Irish day. I was in the car with 3 kids driving home 12 hours ;) So hope you had some green beer for me.


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