Friday, April 13, 2012


For Mary Kay

Yesterday in the morning I left the house
to go be with my grandmother
as she died.

I asked how I was to do this
--watch somebody die--
and the answer was to take the tenderest care of myself
and all living things.

Why is it that every night I
resolve to love more fiercely
and every morning I awake the same stunted, failing clay?

It had rained the night before and the earth
smelled wantonly ripe and wet like
making life.
The soil spongy like a woman's fertile womb.
The earth doesn't mourn the dying in spring.
The cherry blossoms and lilacs don't apologize
for their lurid and honey-fragrant vigor.

They told me
that the only answer to death
is to become more wildly and unabashedly

**At the time of this posting my grandmother is being made comfortable, and is cared for, and has not yet finished the journey from this world to the next**


  1. How utterly beautiful. I was expecting to see the name of a great poet at the end of this, a famous one. I was expecting to think, "why have I never seen his/her poem before?"


    And I send love and healing thoughts to you as you witness your grandmother.

  2. Those were all just words, until you strung them together and made them something more. Thank you.

    Prayers sent for your family and Grandmother

  3. Thanks, Elizabeth, for your love and thoughts (and kind words).

    Thanks Jane, for your prayers.

    Love back to you both.

  4. Just some hugs and some tears and some "I know"s and some prayers for you and yours.

    Incredible writing, as always.

  5. I was in the room when my grandfather died. It was sad yet beautiful thing. Love to you and your family.

  6. This makes all kinds of parts of my heart ache. With the sadness of a loved one saying goodbye, the realization that this is part of life, the resolve to "do better" in the future ... I just heart this post, V. I also send hugs, love, and peace to you and all those who love your Grandmother.

  7. You are so beautiful and brilliantly pensive and creative, Bea. Love you.

    I know Grandma did, too. I know for a fact she loved this about you.

  8. Love you Brit. You are such a beautiful amazing woman, I know these words and your feeling will inspire not just you but others saying goodbye to their loved ones.

  9. That's a beautiful poem. And you should publish some of your verse.
    Love, Dad.


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