Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Thunder Road

Today I posted on twitter that my life is very full and very fast right now, but I wanted to come here and say it because all of you, my blogging community, mean so much to me and I'm sorry I have not been around to your internet homes as much as I'd like. I never feel it's necessary for other bloggers to say this, but now I feel driven to say it myself. I am all swept up in the strong current and, for once, am going with the flow.


Today is my birthday. It has fallen into the middle of a dizzyingly busy but very good week. I am excited to tell you about it, but for now I am just going to post a video of Springsteen singing Thunder Road. Because this year was the year I fell in love with Springsteen, and because life at this moment is a rush, an exhilarating ride down a country road with the top down, windblown and sweet-scented, headed towards the sun.

Now I'm gonna go curl my hair and head out for margaritas with some real cute honeys.

Love love.


  1. Happy birthday, dear Vesuvius!!! It's a very fine date to be born.

  2. My kids know that this song is to be played at my whatever-they-call-it-party-when-I-die.
    I love it that much.
    Happy birthday! I wish all good things for you. I wish the best year ever. And congratulations on discovering Springsteen. I remember when that happened for me. Made my life a richer, fuller place. With more dancing.

  3. Happy birthday to you! May your new year be full of adventure.
    I can never love Springsteen. It's downright unAmerican of me, I know. But there it is. I'm jealous of people who can. Like they know something I don't.
    Enjoy your margaritas. You've earned them.

  4. Happy birthday & enjoy those margaritas!!

  5. My friend Steve sang Thunder Road for an exercise in acting class. A Jersey boy, Springsteen was his idol. But for me, his anthem Born to Run captured all the spirit of my youth. You're still young Baby,and Born to Run!

  6. Well, happy birthday one day late! I only recently fell in love with Bruce -- and went to see him a couple of years ago here in Los Angeles. Have you seen him live because it's nearly a religious experience.

  7. I miss you. So much. I'm glad I stopped by here tonight, though, so I could listen to Thunder Road and feel a shiver of excitement.


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