Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Angel Food: FAQs

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In celebration of Angel Food's release date, which is this Friday, July 25th, I am answering some frequently asked questions about the book. Without further ado: (*edited below)

1. Is Angel Food a book about cake?

No, it is not. Sorry.

2. But I get some cake if I order it, right?

Unfortunately we are unable to send you cake with your order at this time. It is summer and the cake would probably not hold up too well. Check back in December.

3. Will I like this book?

Are you one of the millions of Americans who wishes "Where'd You Go, Bernadette?" was actually a movie directed by Quentin Tarantino? Then yes! You will absolutely adore this book!

4. What kind of person is this book for? Who is the audience?

This book is for people who like road trips, Airstreams, family dysfunction, books about people who eat chips and guacamole, Instagram, things that are kinda funny I guess, and stuff.

5. What are early reviewers saying about this "book"?

Perhaps my favorite early review said, "I was not embarrassed for you while reading this." Other early readers have said "This book left me craving Tex-Mex in a violent way" and "But when will I get my cake?"

6. Any reviews that are not about food?

Marie of The (Not Always) Lazy W said "Hysterical. . . oh my cheeses. I'm terrified that this is almost over". (Marie is a very eloquent writer who plans to write an actual review. This is only what she sent to me by Facebook messenger. I think she would want you to know that.) Tangledlou at Periphery said "I started reading, got hooked, and kept reading because I loved the characters and I wanted to see what happened to them, because the story was fascinating and darkly hilarious, because the writing was consistent and had enough moments of absolute brilliance to be fantastic without being tedious (writing that is brilliant at every moment becomes tedious.)" Boy, is she right! Boy, am I in no danger of that!

7. Am I going to hate this book?

Yes, probably.

8. What prompted you to "write" Angle Food?

ANGEL Food. I thought, "what if you had to spend your life on the road because something was hunting you down to kill you?" But not a monster or a bad guy, because monsters and bad guys are always trying to kill people. I wanted it to be something more surprising.

9. Originally was this book about Oprah hunting four grown siblings through the desert southwest, bent on destruction? Because that would be surprising.

Yes. Yes it was.

10. Will Angel's Fool be available as an ebook?

Please, it's ANGEL FOOD. I don't see why you'd choose to destroy civilization, but yes. In a few weeks.

11. Anything else you have to say for yourself?

Thanks for being here, all of you. I hope you will like Anglo Dude.

*12. Where the heck can I buy ANGELES FUEL you dumb-ass? is the place. Thanks for asking!


  1. HURRAY!
    (Is there a sign-up sheet for the December cake delivery?)
    Seriously. I want to make YOU a cake. And read your book. I am so thrilled for you. Not surprised, but thrilled.

    1. Gah! Thank you, Ms. Moon. You are always so encouraging. (I would be honored to eat your cake. That is not a come on.)

  2. I'm mortified and thrilled that you used my total run on sentence as a review.
    I am not at all mortified that Angel Food is finally being released onto the wilds of the general population. I am just thrilled. Aww V, I'm so proud and excited for you, I'm getting a little bit weepy. I need some BBQ.

    1. I didn't even notice it was a run on, which does not bode well for my writing career. Thank you for your words, Lou. They mean a lot to me.

  3. One more question: Where can I get my hands on it???

    1. Angella, your career savvy is showing! is the place to go.

  4. I can not wait. I can't wait. I cannot wait.

  5. OK, sounds great!!! May I suggest one more question?

    13. If you're a mom, and your daughter wrote this Angel Food book, what should you do? (Also, I get it about the cake/summer thing, but would there be any possibility of pie?)

    ~You know who

    1. I'm in for the pie. As long as someone else (or Costco) is making it. ;-)

  6. It was pretty fabulous. And surprising. Spoiler alert - no rainbows and unicorns. This appears to be a theme. What, are you anti-unicorns and rainbows?! Wait, were there rainbows? I'll have to run a search now to verify.

  7. I just ordered my copy of Angel Fish and I can't wait to read it! I LOVE stories about the sea.


  8. Your family is funny! I'm still laughing at your mom's comment.

  9. I agree your mom is very funny. going right now to amazon


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