Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ponies on a Stick

You know you want one.

So, the other day at the grocery store Ayla and Indy spotted a pink confection of a toy--a unicorn with long flowing hair and sparkly hooves. The unicorn was on a stick. The unicorn connects to the stick with a harness, and the point is that juniors can then hold said stick and walk the unicorn--or pony, as Indy likes to say--around like an animal on a stiff leash. Mom had a moment of cowardice and bought the ponies-on-a-stick because she didn't want to deal with two toddlers screaming in their Radio Flyer wagon on the two block ride home. It took the girls about five seconds to discover that ponies-on-a-stick also function well as hockey sticks, good for batting yogurt cartons around on the slick grocery store tiles, and as swords with a soft pony on one end and a hard handle on the other, excellent for combat.

Ayla named her pony SpiderFeather.

Grammy's cat had four kittens. Ayla has named them Bubbles, Blankie, Spider, and Dirt.

For her birthday she can't decide if she wants a Barbie cake or a spider cake.

For Halloween, she told me she wanted to be a dragon. No, a witch. No wait, a spider. With two legs.

Other recent Ayla-isms:

"You're not a girl, you're mommy."

"Mercy has a pretty tattoo. But Mercy is supposed to be a girl, like mommy. And Uncle Trey is supposed to be a boy, like daddy."

"Can I see Syd's cousins?" (Syd is the cat that had babies. Ayla apparently thinks all babies are cousins, like her cousin Eisley.)

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  1. Auntie Hoddie isn't sure she can come to a birthday party with a spider cake...



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