Friday, September 26, 2008

Sunlight Sessions

It's late and Britta is tired. I just got home from my paying job. The one whereby I work for pay in actual U.S. currency. Tonight this nice lady was training me on the register. We have bonded because her daughters are the same ages as mine. We were joking around and we bumped into eachother. "Oops, sorry!" I said and reached out to pat her upper thigh. You know, the safe region. Well. She wasn't positioned where I thought she was and I accidentally slapped her ass. That was embarrassing.

The girls came out from their nap dressed like this:
Ayla posed for mommy. Does she look embarrassed? She's too young to be embarrassed, right??

Indy was saying, "Ooooh, Fretty!"
Silly kisses:
Ayla's Self Portraits Vol 1: The Sunlight Sessions

More of Indy to come. She's harder to get. She's constantly trying to move around to look at the camera from my pov--from behind. So I'm always snapping pictures of her cheek and ear, her face disappearing from the frame.


  1. Is that your tank top Ayla is wearing?

    Eisley wants to know when she can see The Cousins.

  2. yes it is. I thought she looked like a flapper.

    Tell Eisley if she wants to see her cousins alive she'd better bring lattes. Many, many lattes.


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