Sunday, September 14, 2008

Welcome to the fabulous blog of Brittany and Noah Tuttle. Prepare to be shocked and amazed. We do not recommend viewing this blog while driving. Nor do we advise operating heavy machinery after checking out our latest posts. Commenting while under the influence is encouraged for our amusement but discouraged for the preservation of your dignity.

Tuttle snap-shot: Indy is sleeping. Ayla is sleeping. Mom and Dad are drinking whiskey cowboy-style and watching football. All is well with the world.

We would love to accept your donations. Currently we are prepared to handle any money, clothing, books, and liquor you find on your hands. We are sorry to say that at this time we are not equipped to accept your advice. Anyone requesting to watch the children need only arrive on our doorstep. No application necessary.

Further updates to come.

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