Sunday, September 28, 2008


Please keep the prayers and positive thoughts for Uncle Justin. A good thing to pray and hope for would be no more vasospasms. You can read the full updates here.

Stephanie writes how much she misses her kids and her day to day life and this really touched me. It's so easy to see the negative things about our own lives, the things we don't like or aren't happy with, but imagine how beautiful today would look in retrospect if tragedy were to strike tomorrow. Imagine how much you would long for yesterday if it were all to end today.

I love you family! Nothing is more important that all of you.

Post Script:

I.E.: The football game.

Football game? What football game? There was no game today. I didn't watch a football game. Did you? I didn't see us hand Kansas City two touchdowns off two fumbles. I didn't see Cutler throw two interceptions. I didn't see us do everything but take the ball and calmly walk it into the Chief's end-zone for them. I'm telling you all, there was no game. If there had been a game, I would watched Denver just miss recovering their own ball on an on-sides kick. My little heart would have broken (had there been a game). It would have puttered, and stuttered, and broke down and died. Luckily, that didn't happen. Because there was no game.

The only thing I saw today was Cutler shove a Chief and send him to the ground like a spineless rag doll.

That's all. I. Saw.


  1. good point. we take so much for granted.

    on a vain note, i look really puffy in that picture!

  2. You don't look PUFFY THERE. You look SKINNY NOW. Repeat.

  3. Ah how I enjoy the posts. Good point about being thankful for life and love the football part too!


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