Friday, July 30, 2010

Missing Reel


You need to take one look at my chin to see Vesuvius Erupting.

I whined last night to Mr. V. "Looooooook. You can see how stressed I am just by looking at my chiiiiiiin."

My chin is where my body shows stress.

It feels stress in my right wing muscle.

You know. The muscle along your shoulder blade that would work your wings, if you had them.

I mean, I'm so tired right now that I'm actually going to publish this blog post in which I discuss my facial eruptions. That's gotta be pretty tired.

I had high hopes this week. I had a cute idea for a post. It was going to be about how despondent I am over missing Pacey-Con. And I was going to tie it in to the evening earlier this week when I had three hours--three solid, kid-free hours--to work on my book, and what did I do?

I went to Starbucks.

Ordered an iced mocha.

Took out my pens and notebooks.

And spent those three hours playing Plants Vs Zombies.

(Mr. V still doesn't know that's what I did with my precious 'writing time'). (Don't worry, he loves taking care of the kids alone after working 8 hours so that I can destroy zombies using peas and spores. Wouldn't you?)

I was going to call the post "Geek Tragedy".

(Even Mr. V thought Pacey-Con was pretty awesome).

That little blog with the cute title just refused to be written.

(Missing Reel containing insightful observations and profound truths told with gentle humor).

This is where I would like to put a cute or funny ending. But it turns out the sleepies scare the witty away.

So I hope for today you'll accept this instead. Because nobody brings the witty like Mr. W(h)itter.

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  1. How many times have I done that? Facebook is the devil, and I definetly check it out about every 5 minutes while I'm writing. I have serious doubts about my new book, mostly because it's half Facebook.


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