Monday, July 12, 2010

Notes from the Underground

I, Vesuvius At Home, come to you today from and undisclosed location along the northern front range. The reason for our secrecy is thus, dear readers: Vesuvius has gone undercover and sneaked onto a computer that does not belong to her at one local craft brewery.

This is because Vesuvius has moved and does not yet have the magic of the internets installed in her home.

It's going to be another week until this blogger can type her missives to you live from Longmont, which is otherwise known as Boulder's right nostril.

For now I can only tell you this: The official colors of Longmont appear to be bright cobalt and lime green. The official animal appears to be the goose.

I say this because I have spotted two of them in the enormous giant papier-mache variety.

One is outside the Blue Ribbon Dairy. It is black with white naked people on it in a style that is vaguely kabuki.

The other one is at the offices of the Longmont Times Call and somehow manages to resemble Benjamin Franklin.

Vesuvius has not yet discovered the reasons for this madness, but dear readers, it is my solemn vow to reveal it to you exclusively once it is known to me.

Darlings, as I type, this blogger was spotted--made, I was made!--by an unidentified member of the Oskar Blues Brew Crew.

He appeared to know me, but alas--I did not know him.

Could he be a member of a covert operation sent to discover Vesuvius during her sole foray into the wonderful and appealing world of the interwebs? Could he mean this blogger harm? Or maybe--just maybe--has he been sent to shine a ray of beer-filtered light into the bleak internet-less life of this lonley sojurner?

This blogger must now unclench her fingers from this lovely mouse and tear her eyes from this gorgeous blinking computer screen to crawl back to the depths of her undercover location.

Until next time.

From Longmont, I am Vesuvius. Signing off.

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