Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Mermaid and The Lion

I've had the luck over the last few months to meet some incredible people through blogging. Two of those people I want to talk about today are Elizabeth at a moon, worn as if it had been a shell,  and Eric at Pressure Support. Elizabeth and Eric both keep wonderful blogs and both happen to be parenting children with special needs. Elizabeth is mother to the ethereal and dreamy Sophie. She chronicles her life in Los Angeles with Sophie, her husband, and her two dreamy-in-the-other-sense sons, writing about the everyday with wry wit and insight, and the hard stuff with breath-taking poetry. She also posts lovely pictures of Los Angeles which make me sigh and think some day, city by the sea.

Eric is father to the sweet and stalwart Liam. I'm newer to Eric's blog, but he writes about his family's life in Rhode Island with passion, clarity and honesty that is approachable and refreshing. He and his wife are warriors for their son. Reading their stories of confronting the challenges their children face has humbled me many times over.

Elizabeth recently created this video using the input of many other people doing "extreme parenting", as she appropriately calls it. Watch the video, which is stunning and gorgeous, and then please check out their blogs. Not just because they give voice to a group of people we don't hear enough from, and not just because they are parents to children with special needs, but because they are writing about the challenges of their lives with incredible beauty and grace.


  1. Oh, my. That's so wonderful -- what an honor. I thank you, profusely, for posting this. And I'm honored, too, by the company -- both Eric's and yours!


  2. Both of their blogs are beautiful! Also, I think you need to write a book titled "The Mermaid and the Lion." That is a GREAT title.

  3. Wow, wow, wow, and a very big thank you for such kind words. Like Elizabeth (who I'm also quite in awe of) I'm honored.

    The feeling is quite mutual by the way, your own story, moving across the country, the time spent away from your spouse, raising two smart and curious girls, are relayed with a voice all your own. A voice I love reading.

  4. Damnit Eric and Elizabeth, stop being so nice to me! Thank you both. Colleen, thanks for stopping by :)


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