Thursday, November 21, 2013

I Know What I Did Last Summer

I find I'm needing to keep my cards close to my chest these days.

So I thought in the meantime I could share a few pictures of good times we've had during this year that's winding down.

These are all from the trip the girls and I took back to Colorado in July.

Guanella Pass, where the air is clean and and crisp.

Ayla looking hip.

 I love this picture of me and my mom at the North Pole 
in Colorado Springs. We had Christmas in
July and now look, we're going to have it again.

 Ayla, Georgetown

Me and my chicken in the Rockies. 

 Chicken and my dad, her Papa.

My nephew, Paxton, had just been born.
Here is his amid the sea of his sisters (the little ones)
and cousins (the big ones). Indy, Eisley, Ayla with Pax,

Sometimes pictures will do when words won't.


  1. This puts in perspective how old Pax already is. Aww!

    Come back this summer. This time I'll head to the top of Guanella Pass with you.

  2. 1. Beautiful family! In every way. I feel like I've seen them grow up a little.
    2. Can I please borrow that striped long skirt ASAP
    3. Yes, often photos will do when words are quieted.
    4. What are your thoughts on the hormonal (lunar) cycles of writing? I think it's real.

  3. These photographs speak so eloquently. Your family is beautiful.


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