Monday, June 11, 2012

So Then We Were Cast On to the Streets and I Turned My Child Into a Busker

Just kidding, mostly.

I have lots to tell you guys but I'm on my way out the door to our second annual Birthday Double Feature. We do nothing for Mr. V's late May birthday and then we do double time for mine. Geminis forever, y'all! He doesn't need a celebration because I'm his Gemini twin and everything that's mine is his. (Except today's celebration. Like I'm actually gonna SHARE my birthday, haha. Sucker!)

We're going to see Prometheus and Moonrise Kingdom and then eat some kind of "Japanese-Mexican Fusion Sushi" which sounds suspicious, I know, and if you haven't heard from me by tomorrow morning just assume my husband had enough and killed me.

I'm sure he was totally  joking when he wanted to "try something new" with duct tape and see how "sensitive" I was to "chloroform". We joke like that all the time, he's all like, I've watched enough CSI now that I think I could pull off the perfect crime, here drink this arsenic. And I'm like, haha! So funny, how we joke! Then I check our browser history and I'm like, oh look, Mr.V has been googling "how to get away with murder" again to make me laugh! Ha!

But just in case.

Love you guys,


  1. Have fun -- and what a grand way to write -- I love the way you do it --

  2. Thanks, Elizabeth! The feeling is mutual, trust me.

  3. Omigosh, it is no longer safe for me to read your blog with hot liquids in my mouth. LOL!!! Enjoy, happy birthday times two, and thanks for the early Tuesday chuckle!! xo

  4. My husband says his chemistry teacher in high school told them how to kill someone without leaving a trace. Then we saw that exact method on CSI. So it's totally true. I'm not telling Mr. V, though, just in case he missed that episode. I'm not willing to go through the rest of my life not reading you. So there.


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