Monday, June 25, 2012

Why Don't I Just Make Myself Scarce For Awhile

Four days until we abandon our home to go live in a van down by the river.

Perhaps we will become river people, with tambourines and seitan. Perhaps we will braid our hair and dance barefoot.

It was 106 degrees here today and we don't have air conditioning. It's 9:30 pm and I'm just now coming back to life after collapsing, lifeless, around four. Just when I thought I couldn't live another minute, Mr. V made me cold shrimp po'boys with mango-kiwi salad and I was like new for at least ten minutes.

Time for packing. Time for vodka slush puppies. Time for Firefly on Netflix.

Bear with me while I'm scarce for awhile. I might not have wi-fi again until mid July. If I go four days without tweeting about alcohol, Indy, or Supernatural, call the police. No wait, call Jensen Ackles.

That is of dire import.


(tell him river people live by a sacred code, and that these margaritas aren't going to mix themselves.)


  1. Is it mid-July yet? I'm going to miss you while you're in your wi-fi-less van down by the river!! And I've been wondering. . . what about the bees?!?!

  2. There's something almost romantic about living in a van down by the river. Especially if there's alcohol.

  3. Oh, lordie, I'll miss you something fierce. You're going to have to start talking like that if you're fixing to live down by the river.

  4. I have been wondering about the bees, too. Enjoy your trek. There should definitely be barefoot dancing. Always.

  5. Yay for revival by cold shrimp po-boys! Look out for those gall0darned bridge embunkments... I hope you can at least paper-journal whilst on this adventure, it seems to promise all kinds of stories worth telling. XO

  6. Oh how excitingly fun. You know, it's always excitingly fun to watch someone else have an adventure.

    I can't wait to read the stories you come up with down by the banks of the hanky panky, where the bullfrogs jump from bank to banky.


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